You may print from small, medium and large format negatives and make prints up to 20x24.

The darkroom is compromised of 8 individual print stations with enlargers and timers:

  1. Omega D5XL (Super Chromega D Dichroic II) w/ Chromegatrol Timer
  2. Omega D5 XL w/ Saunders LPL Digital Timer
  3. Omega D5 XL w/ Beseler Audible Timer
  4. Omega D5 w/ Beseler Audible Timer
  5. Open Station / Workspace
  6. Omega D5 XL (Super Chromega D Dichroic II) w/ Omega Chromegatrol Timer
  7. Omega D5 w/ Beseler Audible Timer
  8. Beseler 23C III Dichro Colorhead w/ Beseler Audible Timer


Small, medium and large format lenses are available:

Wet Side

Chemical sink measures 45" x 80" to accommodate two rows of chemistry, if needed.

Stainless Steel wash sink measures 24"w x 36"h x 86"l with 8" backsplash

20x24 eco-wash

Dry Side

Arkay print dryer for RC paper only

Simmons Omega Print Dryer with Stainless Steel Drum for up to 16x20 fiber prints

11 36"x36" Fiber mesh drying screens   •   5505-C Laurel Canyon Boulevard North Hollywood, CA 91607   •   818.738.3267
Tuesday - Saturday 1:00pm - 8pm   •   Studio Available 7 days a week